What is consignment?

Consigning is the act of providing one’s items to an agent (consignee) for sale. The seller (consignor) remains the owner of the items, but the consignee takes all steps to sell the items. In doing so, the consignee receives a commission from the sale price of the item sold.

In our case, it means that you provide The Standby List with the items you wish to sell. We photograph, research, market, and sell your items but you maintain ownership of the items until they sell. Once your item is sold, we receive a percentage of the sale price and you receive payment for the remainder of the sale price.


What is your consignment fee?

The Standby List collects a 35% commission on all items sold. This means consignors receive 65% of the sale price of their sold items.


Why is consignment good?

All us equestrians have items we haven’t used in some time. It might be blankets that don’t fit your new horse or hunter tack you still have after you’ve become a jumper. Instead of having these things lying around collecting dust, why not sell them and make money? For purchasers it can mean a really good deal on high quality stuff – some even with tags!

Consignment is “good” because it promotes a more sustainable economy. Purchasing second hand items creates less demand for new items. That means less pollution (for example in manufacturing) and less waste in landfills. In addition, our sport can get very expensive. By creating this sustainable option by which to purchase equestrian apparel and tack, we are also removing some of the financial barriers to entering the sport.


Why should I buy consignment items from The Standby List?

The Standby List knows what items are trendy and what items are timeless. We strive to have fair pricing on all items, taking into account the condition and quality of the items being sold. We inspect each item being consigned to ensure consistency throughout. This allows for accurate description of items so you know exactly what you are getting. The Standby List is a one-stop shop for your equestrian needs!


Why can’t I just sell my items myself?

The Standby List aims at taking all the hassle out of selling your items. When utilizing The Standby List, all you need to do is to set aside the items you wish to sell, send them to us, and we do the rest! We research, photograph, price, market, and ship to the purchaser. Thus saving you time and money! No more negotiating or haggling prices, and no need for purchasers to leave their houses. This is also beneficial to sellers concerned about their privacy.


What discipline of apparel and tack does The Standby List accept?

The Standby List accepts good quality hunter and jumper apparel and tack. Items must be currently in style and be in good condition.


How do you price my items?

The Standby List is responsible for pricing all items listed for sale. We conduct extensive research to ensure your item is priced appropriately. The price will depend on such things as the condition, age, and quality of the item you are selling. The Standby List also ensures our prices are in line with other retailers, including any sales or clearance pricing.


How will purchasers know the quality of items they are getting?

The Standby List is committed to photographing and describing all items accurately. Minor flaws or defects will be listed and photographed to the best of our abilities. 

The Standby List utilizes the following categories so purchasers know what quality to expect:

  1. New with Tags
  2. Like new (items that have never been worn or used, or items that have been very minimally worn/used)
  3. Loved (good quality, may have some markings, small stains or scratches)
  4. Well Loved (schooling quality, more noticeable staining, some stretching, missing button/clasp)